Commercial Litigation/FINRA Arbitration

Commercial Litigation

The attorneys at Peterson Zamat are often consulted when a business dispute arises leading to a commercial litigation. Business disputes leading to commercial litigation often involve many moving parts and niche industries, requiring technical and sophisticated arguments.

Our attorneys have the drive and intellect to swiftly navigate complex industries from bridge gap loan litigations and oil spill litigation to unfair trade practices and breach of contract. Peterson Zamat assembles a team of qualified individuals to make sure every aspect of your case is efficiently and effectively dissected and analyzed for optimum representation.

FINRA Arbitration

Members and customers of securities brokerages and investment firms are mandated to utilize arbitration administered by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) in lieu of court proceedings. FINRA arbitration is a much more expeditious avenue of (i) resolving cases or (ii) bringing matters to judgment, with a limited appeals process. The hearings are usually set in a less formal atmosphere than a court room and decided by 1 – 3 arbitrators, depending on the value of the matter. In addition, evidentiary rules are much more relaxed and the avenue for case dismissal is significantly reduced considering FINRA’s absolute jurisdiction.

Many employment agreements with securities brokerages and investment firms utilize alternative methods to traditional court actions to resolve legal disputes in a process called arbitration, which is most often implemented by a non-profit called FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

The attorneys at Peterson Zamat routinely represent individuals whose employment and income have been negatively impacted by FINRA regulated businesses unlawfully flexing their muscle. This complex and often confusing process is streamlined by our attorneys who know how to navigate and advise our clients in an comprehensive fashion. Our firm also represents broker-dealers and individual members in the defense of FINRA arbitrations.

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